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How do I register for ETC's Global Gathering-The Annual Conference?

  • ETC’s Annual Conference remains a member-only event. To register for the Annual Conference, make sure your membership is current.
  • If your membership expires in 2016, the renewal fee will be added to your 2017 conference registration invoice.
  • Your membership will automatically renew at the end of your membership year.
  • The registration fee for the Annual Conference has been reduced because the membership fee is no longer bundled with it.
  • You can pay for both 2017 membership renewal and conference registration on one invoice. This invoice can be downloaded, with ease, from your dashboard.

How do I use my Member Dashboard?

  • Once you are current with your membership, always make sure you are logged in. Without logging in you will not be able to view this member dashboard which has proprietary access to documents, benefits, and resources.
  • You can update/manage your personal member and organizational profiles as well as all individuals linked to ETC from your organization. Using the Search My Community tab, you can search other member profiles quickly as well.
  • Your task manager will advise you of any pending items for completion. You will also be able to print out pending invoices from your personal ledger with a pay direct option.
  • To access searches and membership benefits in full, you must complete your member and organizational profiles (once you receive your confirmation of membership submission/renewal).

How do I complete my profiles?

  • Access your member profile through the All about Me tab at the top of your dashboard.
  • Access your organizational profile through the Task Manager in the bottom right corner of your dashboard.
  • Use Firefox or Chrome to complete your profiles. Explorer does not support the WordPress platform.
  • Answer every question in your profiles, even if you respond with 0 or 0%.

Why should I complete my Member and Organizational Profiles?

To get information, share information!

The profiles provide the interactive platform of the online ETC community.

You can perform searches on key questions about tour operators, suppliers and destinations as well as about travel planners.  For example if you want to know who sells what destination, or what special events are happening in a destination, you can pull answers to these questions.

Members have asked for such member and organizational search capabilities within the community over time. Now it is exciting to see this search platform launched in earnest.

Travel Planner colleagues and planner members of the Executive Advisory Council Travel have taken the search options one step further – they have  edited or added planner only questions of relevance to travel planners. These questions are highlighted in yellow and can only be searched by travel planners. Over time more search questions can be added based on travel planner input.

  • Complete your profiles to secure access  to the robust online member and organizational searches.
  • Once you complete your Member profile it is done for perpetuity unless you wish to update it in the future.  Once you complete your organizational profile there are only a few questions to update annually.
  • Planner and destinations, operators and suppliers have pre-tested the profiles and timed them for your reference.  So the time estimates for profile completion should be accurate.
  • Please log in to your member dashboard and click on “All About Me” to start.

Where can I find the ETC Mentor Guidelines?

Mentor Guidelines 2017

Thank you for being an involved member of the ETC Community!