Conference Reviews

Travel Planners

Thank you for putting together such an outstanding conference.  I truly do believe that it was the best ETC ever.  When I think of all of the super stars that you were able to attract—Bryan Stevenson, Gerry Ellis, Peggy Wallace Kennedy, Speaker Sue—the list goes on an on—I am amazed and grateful, for they were each in their own way both deeply informative and inspiring.  So, as I set forth on the first day of putting into practice the many things I learned, I want first to offer my congratulations and my heartfelt gratitude.
Rob Fure, Washington & Lee University

Thank you for a wonderful conference. It was fantastic from beginning to end.  Loved the hotel, the incredible top notch sessions, the connect meetings, the amazing BOLD Talk speakers, spending time with colleagues and vendors and outstanding networking. I really enjoyed participating and being a part of the incredible week – my only complaint is it went by way too fast and I needed about 2 more days to visit with everyone and do more!  I appreciate being a part of this tremendous community. Thank you for all you do for our travel community.
Jennifer Bohac, Texas A&M University Travel Programs

An amazing conference in Montgomery! It was both personally and professionally very beneficial for me – way more than this first-time attendee but long-time professional expected.
Cindy Todd, Tennessee Aquarium

The conference was AMAZING! It’s funny, on my first day more than one person told me I would be “overwhelmed” but that I would be okay. They weren’t kidding! It was overwhelming but in a good way. The Jumpstart program was invaluable and made all the difference in the world. The introductory dinner and presentation were the perfect way to kick off four days of education and networking I could not have gotten any place else. The Jumpstart program itself the following morning eased my new girl anxiety and made the rest of the conference seem a lot more manageable. Thank you for pointing out all the great materials for reference on the website. I am very excited to be a part of this community!
Victoria Guico, San Diego Zoo Global

I’m still reeling from such a great ETC! I had some really good facetime with operators and met some new folks, too. The sessions were FANTASTIC!!! I’m so glad that the reason Montgomery was chosen as the destination really shined. Anyone who’d been questioning it definitely got it. I went to the cultural tourism session on Thursday afternoon with just a small group of folks. I wish there’d been more of us, because it was a really cool panel to hear from! And we got a private tour of the Rosa Parks museum. Man, I grew UP around this stuff but still didn’t know half of the history!
Christine Kessler, The Nature Conservancy

Destinations, Operators, & Suppliers

Montgomery was amazing… I left feeling so inspired and connected to those I had an opportunity to experience MGM with.  Kudos again for taking a risk and thinking outside the box.  The IGNITE session was great exposure for what we are doing.   Many connections and follow ups from my meetings that I have been doing since back in the office!   Look forward to seeing you all again at next year’s conference and excited to see where it will be.
Yolanda Brown, UnCruise Adventures

I would like to sincerely thank Mara DelliPriscoli, Carole and all the ETC team for their hard work in providing such a unique incubation space for world-class educational and affinity travel planning, destination promotion and networking.
Ciarán Hyland, Failte Ireland

I would like to convey my heart felt “thank you”  for another successful conference. As always, it was inspiring, enriching and educating for me. I have always considered ETC as the Mecca of all the travel industry meetings with a special mission. It is like a refinery where I always feel more tuned for the better. I very much look forward to 2020!
Yasar Karadag, New Faces Travel – Turkey

Wonderful destination. We’re grateful it was chosen as what we learned here has had a profound impact. Thanks for everything! See you in 2020!
Gina Carmo, Inspire Travel

It was an honor to participate in this great conference.  It was such an interesting and enriching experience for me, not only the conference itself, but also the people I met and the places we had the opportunity to visit.  And then the final talk of Mr. Bryan Stevenson, what a exceptional way to conclude the event!
Alexandra Lizano, Travel Excellence

Yet another wonderful conference! I truly appreciate all the hard work as the conference keeps getting better and better every year.
Enrique Velasco, COLTUR Peru

I had no idea how much this conference would impact me personally! I will be bringing a group to Montgomery soon in hopes of sharing my experience.
Diana Lee Crew, Consultant

I thought that the ETC 2019  educational content was transcendental with the dynamic presentation formats rich in educational content and very relevant. While I only participated in the amazing Walk in the Footsteps of Americans Changing History,  I heard many of the participants’ appreciation for all of the off-site content-rich learning labs.
Maria Gross 

Congratulations on a widely refreshing and energizing conference!  Sue Hershkowitz-Coore delivers every year and people walk out raving with a pile of take-aways/nuggets!  The Seminar on Wheels, Learning Labs were immersive experiences — rich, rewarding and impactful!
Karen Kuttner-Dimitry, Lindblad Expeditions

A very productive conference with a large and invested following.  The overall experience was a plus for me, personally and professionally. I felt embraced and my perspective valued.  It is a wonderful community.
John Francis, Sustainable Travel International