Conference Reviews

Photo of ETC members in Montgomery

The ETC conference consistently receives good reviews for content, format, professionalism, and networking opportunities.

Find out what people love about ETC’s annual conference!

Travel Planners

I’m still reeling from such a great ETC! I had some really good facetime with operators and met some new folks, too. The sessions were FANTASTIC!!! I’m so glad that the reason Montgomery was chosen as the destination really shined. Anyone who’d been questioning it definitely got it. I went to the cultural tourism session on Thursday afternoon with just a small group of folks. I wish there’d been more of us, because it was a really cool panel to hear from! And we got a private tour of the Rosa Parks museum. Man, I grew UP around this stuff but still didn’t know half of the history!
Christine Kessler, The Nature Conservancy

What a buzz about Sue Herskowitz-Coore’s session on Selling Skills! Can’t wait to listen to this session online, as at least four colleagues mentioned how much they enjoyed this session. Invite Sue back again next year!
Christel Aragon, UCLA Alumni Travel Program

ETC never fails to provide insight and tools to help me do my job.
Kevin Conley, University of Virginia

I thoroughly enjoyed the 2018 conference this year — high praise for another success!  The sessions were EXCELLENT topics. The development track was really good and I came away with some good takeaways and ideas to bring home.  Evening venues and settings were top notch.  The BOLD Talk Presenters were all very engaging….especially Sue Hershkowitz-Coore!  Many things she said I’ve found myself still repeating in my head since the conference.  I loved how interactive her presentation was.
Lea Ann Quirk, The University of Oklahoma Alumni Association

The networking is invaluable at ETC. There is no better way to connect with your colleagues.
Terin Walters, Kansas State University Alumni Association

I sincerely enjoyed the conference and meeting up with colleagues and old friends from ETC. As usual, ETC was flawlessly organized. You all run a tight ship! Thank you for all your work and excellent content.
Irene B. Ziegler, University of New Orleans – Innsbruck

Destinations, Operators, & Suppliers

Being my first time attending this event I was very impressed by the quality of the program and the dedication and passion that participants have for this very special segment of the travel industry. I definitely plan on attending again next year.
Lillian Aviles, Journey Mexico

I found the 2018 conference to be exceptional in terms of professional development and, of course, to connect with all those involved in the educational travel community.
Janet Moore, Distant Horizons

Congratulations on a successful conference! I have heard a lot of great comments about the fresh programming, the venue and the hotel layout! You did a wonderful job and it truly paid off!
Karen Kuttner-Dimitry, Lindblad Expeditions

Congratulations on a rich, meaningful and relevant program!
Maria Gross, Emeritus Council

Just wanted to pass along my congratulations to you and your team for another great ETC! Everyone I have talked to really enjoyed the conference.
Ben Sander, Black Sheep Adventures, Inc.

Loved it ALL! Many thanks!!!!
Marcy S. Forman,  en Valesa Cultural Services

I wanted to let you know that I had such a great time on the learning labs at ETC this year! I thought they were very well executed and very worthwhile. Thanks again!
Michel LaRiviere, Travel Manitoba

The whole experience rocked! Bravo! I bet this might be one of your best conferences. As a presenter and a participant, I cannot think of a single thing I’d recommend you change.
Essdras M Suarez, Pulitzer Prize-winning Photographer

I witnessed firsthand the professionalism and hard work put into the planning of the conference. Every aspect is analyzed and planned carefully, every comment and evaluation from previous years is taken into account. I have never seen any other event that puts so much work into an event for the sole purpose of truly creating value for their members. ETC has done tremendous work and it always shows in the quality of speakers and topics covered. They look for innovative ways to add value and move from just one-side presentations to other type of educational events that are more interactive and therefore create new knowledge. And the ETC team is always open to work with each member to help them reach their specific goals, understanding that everyone has different needs and budgets; They will think outside the box, listen or propose new ideas to maximize the return on the investment. Camilo Duque, PROCOLOMBIA – USA

ETC has always been my favorite industry venue especially because it gives a platform to meet so many professionals keen to develop new products.  Venkatesan Dhattareyan,  India Tourism