ETC offers members the opportunity to sponsor events or items at the Annual Conference. Sponsorship is a powerful way to increase brand visibility so your company stands out.

Benefits include upgraded location and larger display space in the International Bazaar—the most heavily trafficked area just for sponsors. Square footage of display space varies with investment level and venue choice.

Booking a Sponsorship
ETC confirms requests for sponsorship on a first-paid basis. Many sponsor venues are renewed annually by longstanding partners. In addition to the published listing of sponsor venues, ETC also customizes online visibility to align with your company’s objectives.

If you are interested in becoming a Conference or Online sponsor, please contact Carole Erickson, ETC Conference Director & Partner Liaison.

2019 Community Dinner

Community Dinner

Make an exclusive impression on the entire conference delegation with an opportunity to spotlight your organization for an evening that will be long remembered. The Community Dinner is heavily attended by delegates and valued as one of the best venues for networking. Traditionally held off site, this venue offers an experience at an outstanding local venue with superb food, drinks, and entertainment. 7 Star Level

Audio Visual

Audio and Visual

Showcase Sponsor’s name in lights and significantly heighten Sponsor’s branding recognition and visibility every day of the Conference! This bold and sustained visual promotional medium reaches 100% of delegates over the course of the full Conference, plus heighten branding throughout the year online as Sponsor(s) company logo is showcased on the ETC member site linking to the MP3 downloads of Conference session recordings.  6 Star Level

2019 CRD Cover

Conference Resource Directory (CRD)

Sponsor(s) dominate the Conference’s prime print piece by supporting the highly coveted and most sought-after resource guide for the Educational Travel Consortium—the Conference Resource Directory (CRD). This hard copy guide lists the contact information of all delegates—a broad reaching medium viewed by 100% of the Conference delegation. Ensuring Sponsor(s) visibility throughout the year, the e-version of the Conference Resource Directory is published online post-conference with all attendance updates. 6 Star Level

Cappuccino Bar

Cappuccino Bar

A signature venue annually provides sustained visibility for the Sponsor(s) with exclusive branding at the Cappuccino Bar and all coffee and tea break services as delegates line up for their java with all eyes on Sponsor’s corporate branding.  The location of the Cappuccino Bar is in a heavily trafficked area in the International Bazaar delivering prime exposure for Sponsor(s). 5 Star Level

Welcome Mixer

Destination Welcome Dinner

Sponsor(s) effectively communicate brand messaging hosting the opening event with an exclusive spotlight.  This strictly networking event always receives maximum attendance every year. 7 Star Level

Forum Refreshments

Travel Planner & DOS Forum Refreshments

Sponsor(s) secure sustained exposure for visibility and branding at two of the specialized Forums by hosting the refreshments for these two well-segmented and most popular sessions featured at the Conference.   Designed in collaboration with the Educational Travel Consortium’s most seasoned leaders and industry’s expert presenters, these Forums provide some of the most in-depth and hands-on professional development discussions and networking annually.  4 Star Level

2019 BizPassport Cover

BiZ Passport & Mini-Agenda

Designed as a key navigational tool for all ETC delegates, this promotional medium provides maximum print exposure throughout the Global Gathering. The BiZ Passport and Mini-Agenda is a double-sided booklet featuring the company location for all International Bazaar exhibitors and an abbreviated conference agenda for quick reference. Every page is a must-read! Delegates walk around with the BiZ Passport easily accessible in their official conference badge holder. 3 Star Level

Plenary Venues

Plenary Venues (choice of 5)

Sponsor(s) receive exclusive face time in front of the entire Conference assembly. Benefit from one of the most prominent Sponsor(s) recognition opportunities during the most heavily attended educational sessions of the Conference.  Sponsor(s) link branding to one of five plenary sessions at the Conference and directly support the advancement of professional education within the Educational Travel Consortium.  2 Star Level

Jumpstart Refreshments

Jumpstart Tutorial Series Refreshments

Sponsor(s) benefit from targeted marketing exposure to Travel Planner only delegates at the pre-conference Jumpstart Seminar onsite and throughout the year with the online Jumpstart training material on the Travel Planner dashboards.  Sponsors showcase corporate support of Travel Planner professional development in the industry by helping deliver this important conference seminar — a critical and comprehensive resource for Travel Planners.  2 Star Level


Badges & Lanyards

Sponsors are delivered sustained visual and prominent print exposure throughout the conference with customized branding and messaging on the official Conference badges.  Positioning Sponsor’s image on every name badge provides daily messaging of Sponsor’s brand.  2 Star Level



Sponsor(s) secure sustained branding exposure both at the ETC’s Signature Conference and online on the ETC website throughout the calendar year.  Recorded guest speaker interviews and delegate commentary, professional video clips are posted on the ETC website in strategic well-trafficked locations.  2 Star Level

Bazaar Connects

Bazaar CONNECTS & Computers

Sponsor(s) secure sustained exposure for brand visibility at the Educational Travel Consortium’s annual International Bazaar.  Designed as a B-to-B platform for professional meetings, CONNECTS extends over three days delivering a business sponsorship opportunity with branding for onsite, online and in print.  2 Star Level

2019 Hotel Key Card

Hotel Key Card

Sponsor delivered sustained visual and print exposure throughout the conference with customized branding and messaging on the official hotel’s key cards.  Sponsor’s logo is positioned daily in front of Conference delegates — a “key” to success.  1 Star Level