From Celia Koukouli, Sivatravel Services

Thankfully we are ok, but it is a very difficult time for so many people around us. The wildfires ravaged the Northeastern coastline of Attica about 30-35 km from Athens, in an area surrounded by pine tree forests and reached the towns where many Greeks go for summer retreats. It was an unexpected turn of events as apparently there were heavy winds in the area and a change in wind direction caught people completely off guard. More than 75 lives have been lost as a result of the fires and that is the biggest tragedy. It is still an ongoing operation as there are still several people missing.Slowly the infrastructure now is getting back to normality today and ports and airport are operating normally.I will let you know if there is any significant change in the situation.

From Panos Tezapsidis, Culture Expeditions

Things are very bad here, up till now there are more than 80 dead and 100 missing. Hundreds of homes destroyed, motorways closed. Multi-story buildings were on fire, thousands of acres of forest are gone. People were stranded on beaches waiting for the boats to save them, many jumped in the water and drowned. Fortunately, the area hit is not large, it is just outside Athens and major tourist spots are not harmed.This summer is very peculiar, super dry in the south and wet in the north. But, tourism is going well, we have more than 30 million visitors this year, a big number three times bigger than the local population.