ETC is a global professional community facilitating knowledge exchange, professional development,
data aggregation, cross-pollination of ideas, leadership evolution & program innovation in the field of affinity travel.


To gather nonprofit and for profit travel professionals within a convivial community to educate, inspire and foster innovative and sustainable affinity travel programs, global collaborations and partnerships, and advance lifelong learning through educational travel.

“Love this professional community!”
Roxanne C. Shiels, Director of Alumni Strategy, Outreach and Online Education, The Pennsylvania State University


As an educational travel community we are committed to:

  • Helping cultural, educational and conservation organizations to achieve their alumni/member engagement and development goals through affinity travel

  • Fostering sustainable collaborations and partnerships among diverse special interest travel constituencies

  • Connecting, educating, and inspiring educational travel professionals

  • Enhancing global awareness, cultural diplomacy and positive impact through tourism


Facilitating deeper, more enduring connections between travelers and the communities they visit through strong interpretation, experiential programming, and meaningful engagement.


The pioneer Educational Travel Annual Conference was convened in 1987 as an educational resource to support nonprofits in travel. As it expanded progressively to facilitate the growth of a robust and vibrant Educational Community, thirty years hence the Educational Travel Consortium (ETC) continues its hallmark commitments to education and service.