Accessing CONNECTS

You can’t access or schedule CONNECTS meetings until:

  1.  Your member and registration fees displayed on your ledger are paid in full.
  2.  Your member and organizational profiles are completed/updated in full.

Using the CONNECTS Scheduler


Click on the CONNECTS button on your task manager to enter CONNECTS. If you do not see the CONNECTS button, please refer to Completing Profiles and/or make sure your membership and registration are marked paid in full on your ledger.

Sending CONNECTS Requests


When on the CONNECTS Scheduler, select the registration category for the person that you wish to request an appointment with….Planner, US Tour Operator, Foreign Tour Operator, Supplier or Destination.

Once you select the registration category, all of the organizations that have completed their profiles will be displayed in alphabetical order.

  1. Select the organization’s name and the attendees within that organization will be displayed.
  2. Select the person and begin the request a meeting process.
  3. Completing a 40-word reason why you wish to schedule a meeting is appreciated by those you are requesting to meet.
  4. You are encouraged to make use of the “Notes” option in order to communicate back and forth – especially to explain why you wish to decline or reschedule.

There is no restriction on the number of requests that an individual may receive for any one of their time slots. However once an individual confirms a meeting that time slot is locked.

Receiving CONNECTS Requests


The Task Bar on your dashboard will display a <Pending Request> button when an individual has meeting requests.

If you receive multiple requests in any of your timeslots, you must manually go through each request and mark it – confirm, or decline or reschedule.When selecting “reschedule” you will be prompted with a dropdown containing other mutually compatible time slots. You can select one and the meeting will be moved to that slot.

Please respond to requests in a timely fashion. You will receive friendly reminders weekly if you have pending requests on your task bar.

Checking Your CONNECTS Schedule


Refer to the <CONNECTS Schedule> button at the top of the CONNECTS screen to preview a list to date of your confirmed, rescheduled and available time slots for CONNECTS.

Where CONNECTS Meetings are Held


Confirmed CONNECTS meetings between planners, destinations, operators and suppliers will take place on site in the International Bazaar at the tabletop of the Requestor. One exception: If the Requestor of a CONNECTS meeting is a travel planner, then the meeting will take place at the Bazaar tabletop of the respective destination, operator or supplier.

CONNECTS Courtesy Protocols


Although individuals are not required to make requests/or accept CONNECTS meetings, all delegates are asked to promptly respond to requests they receive for a meeting by clicking one of three options — confirm, decline or reschedule.

Be on time for your confirmed CONNECTS meetings and stay within the time frame assigned. Chimes will ring in the International Bazaar to announce the start and end times of all CONNECTS meetings.

More CONNECTS Questions?

Please contact the ETC Team via email or call (406) 745-4800.