Reasons to Attend

  • BOLD Talks to inspire innovation, creative action, and experimentation.
  • Three days of relevant educational content in vertically-rich tracks
  • Full-day Travel Planners Only Forum
  • Destination Deep Dive allows you to travel the globe in a day and infuse your future product development
  • Comprehensive Risk Management Professional Training
  • ROI that Planners can bring to their programs.


  • Mentor Program where you can make genuine connections not just
  • Beyond CONNECTS to mix and mingle with colleagues in an informal and ad hoc setting
  • The International Bazaar brings together people from over 42 countries and hosts CONNECTS meetings.

Critical Professional Training

Whether your institution designs their own programs, buys stock programs, outsources programs and call centers, or operates somewhere between, all travel planners should attend. The Signature Conference has critical professional training for a rapidly-changing industry that also requires a knowledge-set quite different than most other institutional departments.


This is the one time annually that there is a major intersection of all constituents in the supply chain for affinity travel to stop, listen, and learn from many perspectives. Delegates knowledge share, collaborate and cross-pollinate skills, influence business models, and infuse heterogeneous perspectives. ETC’s Signature Conference is the place to source innovative solutions for challenges within the educational travel marketplace. As the community-curated agenda outlines, there is zero time to “recreate or vacay”.

Unity is not the same as heterogeneity! If everybody is moving from the same space, there is nothing to balance out perspectives. What’s most interesting, and essential for growth and innovation, is to hear from those outside your networks. This challenges your worldview so you can address the future impinging and ignite innovation in the complex and rapidly-changing travel landscape.

Who Attends?

Nonprofit and Contract Travel Planners, Tour Operators, Tourism Boards, Hospitality & Airline Experts, Cruise Representatives, Press, Legal, Security, Insurance, & Marketing Experts.

If you are responsible for managing a nonprofit member/alumni travel program, be it heavily resourced or as a small % of your job – THIS is the one-stop learning


venue for you! If you are a tour operator, travel industry supplier, or destination invested in serving the affinity and educational travel market – THIS is a community to learn about and serve well!