Responding to colleague requests for more informal networking venues facilitating hearty collegial exchanges and learning opportunities, a number of new venues to note!

  • Table Libations (Feb. 5th)Repeated after a hugely successful launch in 2017 – but now with timeframe expanded in the International Bazaar on the opening evening! Enjoy hosted libations from around the world followed by a very local dining experience of Bermuda.
  • Tipsy Tea (Feb. 7th) – London is always reinventing the age-old tradition of afternoon tea and now ETC is along for the ride! Enjoy a teacup beverage with eight to ten colleagues while discussing crowdsourced topics. sit down at a table to Network and learn while enjoying an afternoon respite explore a dedicated talking point on wide range of topics!
    • Jumpstart Reconnect – Here also Jumpstart seminar attendees have a second chance to meet with their trainers for a conference tune up!
    • Coaching Corners – Extensive lineup of legal, marketing and BOLD Talk speakers make themselves available for ten minute one on one or one on group Q&A directed by your inquiry!
  • Global Circumnavigation (Feb. 8th)– Last day breakfast offers the opportunity for browsing and sampling hosted eats from around the world while fitting in your last-minute networking in the International Bazaar.