ETC's Annual Conference | Renaissance Montgomery Hotel | Montgomery Alabama | January 28-31, 2019

Intensives will take professional development to a new level!  Take a deep dive with ETC’s BOLD presenters, industry leaders and dynamic curriculum coaches as they facilitate a series of two hour hands-on professional development courses designed to teach you actionable skills and deliverables to implement immediately.  Advance signups are required on the Conference registration form as each Intensive is limited to 40 persons to allow for an intimate and highly interactive learning environment.

Get ready for a power learning experience with Intensives featured daily. Attendees will actively participate and engage speakers and colleagues in these Intensive workshops.

Four Intensives are featured in ETC’s 2019 Annual Conference.


Monday, January 28th
1:30 – 3:30 pm

#1 Reconciliation and Dialogue: Facilitating Traveler Conversations in Controversial Locations Worldwide

As more affinity groups are opting to conduct trips to “controversial” locations, as well as creating more customized tours, the content in this Intensive serves to help steward affinity travelers as respective global ambassadors for your institutions and organizations. Discover practical ways tourism can change the world through travel programs offered as simple interactions with people in different cultures which serve to erode decades of hate and open a dialogue based on truth. National Geographic Explorer and Ted Fellow, Aziz takes the message of reconciliation across the globe as he facilitates critical if not controversial conversations with travelers in places such as such as North Ireland, Colombia, Syria and Israel. Specializing in finding human connections and authentic experiences, Aziz will share his experience and process of itinerary building, strategic planning and network cultivation around the world.

#2 Real Stories Explored: ETC Member Case Studies on Managing Difficult Travelers and Challenging Situations

Have you had travelers not accurately disclose medical histories prior to the trip? Have you experienced mental emergencies during a trip or had to send a traveler home prematurely? Have you had travelers that impacted your group negatively? Have you encountered problematic behaviors from your travelers? This session will explore some of these questions with real situations from the ETC membership and discuss strategies to address them in field, ways to respond after the trip and guidance from legal experts to avoid costly litigation.


Tuesday, January 30th
9:45 – 11:45 am

#3 Customizing your Customer Service: A two hour Intensive workshop with Sue Hershkowitz-Coore

How can you make it easier for your travelers to enjoy their trip and recommend you to their friends? Your itinerary is perfect but what about the way they feel they are treated? From the very first email contact through all the necessary transactions, you can elevate their experience. Participate in this hands-on session by submitting your emails, sponsor letters and questions prior to the workshop and leave with fresh ideas, innovative messaging that serves your customer and your bottom line.

#4 Crushing Your Next Negotiation in Three Steps: A two hour Intensive workshop with Susan Borke

Being prepared for a negotiation often means a real difference in its ultimate success, so why do so many people fail to take this most important step? Susan Borke has heard all the excuses, and they boil down to this: most people really don’t know how. In this presentation, she will teach you a practical, easy to implement approach you can use successfully in professional and personal situations. With insights directly applicable to preparing for vendor negotiations, this Intensive includes how she and others have used the 3 R’s of effective negotiation preparation successfully.