a complicated & culturally-rich city, ready to tell its story

ETC's Annual Conference | Renaissance Montgomery Hotel | January 28-31, 2019


Montgomery as a Destination Choice

Travel Planners have Unique Needs

  • The spring, summer and fall quarters are extremely busy due to work and/or family agendas. Therefore, the dates for ETC’s conference need to be scheduled in late January to mid-February.
  • Travel planner hotel rates should ideally be under $180 per night, inclusive.


  • Both travel planners and travel purveyors agree that March is too late due to a changed buying cycle.
  • Prefer a USA-based venue without resort fees.

ETC Requires a Particular Kind of Property

  • High standard for staffing, a/v support, and culinary options for the size and style of our event.
  • Large enough to provide required meeting space such as: plenary and breakout sessions, the International Bazaar and a multitude of intimate networking spaces. Not a trade show facility.
  • Competitive rates coupled with superior service and accommodations.


  • Large enough to accommodate the sleeping rooms required, but small enough for ETC to “take over” the hotel and dominate public networking spaces.
  • Will accommodate ETC’s mid-size guest room block/to significantly high meeting space needs – a ratio not favoring the hotels.
  • Will lower the F&B minimums typically required given ETC’s limited F&B expenditures.

Our Community Prefers Varied Venues, Warmer Weather, Reasonable Rates, & Sustainable Scenarios

  • Prefer the conference venue to move annually, which requires researching a venue and contract negotiations, and forgoes the distinct advantages of staying at a proven hotel for repeat years.


  • Tier one and warmer weather destinations dictate high season rates often double the accommodations cap for travel planners, as well as triple if not quadruple the Food & Beverage minimums required for high season.
  • Wish to ensure a positive impact on local communities, sustainable operational practices at hotels and facilities, and assurance of “walking the talk” in responsible tourism.

Our Community Wants to Experience the Destination

  • Destinations must have a rich repository of cultural, heritage and culinary experiences to enhance the Conference experience – and accessibility to such resources for experiential programming like the Learning Labs.
  • Destinations must commit to providing local support, entrée to special sites and community entities, people-to-people experiences and compelling local narratives.


Montgomery Delivers in Abundance!

Warm Weather & Immersive Experiences

  • Located in the deep South – with temperate January weather!
  • An American destination steeped in history, music, culture, heritage and community arts – ready to share its a knowledge of the past with an eye to the future. Article 1, Article 2.
  • Wonderful hospitality and openness to encourage deep conversations and the continuance of our community-based Learning Labs.


  • A road less traveled destination – offering a compelling juxtaposition between contemporary and historic narratives.
  • Urban renewal and historic preservation in action – on a monumental scale since 2010.
  • Local communities that will benefit directly from the positive economic impact of ETC’s conference.
  • A plethora of top-rated local restaurants and entertainment for avid foodies and music lovers – just outside the hotel.

A 4-star Property with Great Rates

  • Discounted rates exclusive to ETC delegates – starting at $152.
  • Spacious deluxe sleeping rooms with Free Wi-Fi.
  • State-of-the-art meetings facility with contemporary design, compact layout and accessible meeting rooms.
  • Plus free Wifi in the meeting space.
  • Local entertainment at the hotel’s sidewalk bar seven days a week, rain or shine, with musicians who encapsulate the cutting-edge vibe of the city.


  • Full European-style spa, fitness center, rooftop running track and rooftop heated pool.

Major Logistical Support