Community Distinction Awards 2018

The Community Distinction Awards are an opportunity for ETC members to highlight their colleague’s achievements.
Honorees will be recognized at ETC’s Signature Conference 2018 – our 32nd global gathering.

Submit nominations for these three awards:

Bold Move AwardThis award recognizes an organization that encourages team members to foster risk taking, or an individual who stuck their neck out and took bold actions to source a solution or create a new plan. Acknowledging the importance of risk taking, supporting adaptability, and encouraging creativity is necessary for staying competitive in the market place.  Nominate an organization or individual that celebrates bold moves and experimentation –whether or not it was successful in the end!

The Covenant Award: This award recognizes an organization or individual that creates harmony in their design and execution of traveler experiences involving and benefiting local communities visited.  A people-to-people or immersion tourism program’s resilience, uniqueness, and strength relies on caring for, strengthening, and working with local communities.  Nominate an organization or individual that aims “to leave a community stronger than they found it” by creating tourism programs that deliver economic benefit as well as involve and enhance local community involvement.

The Education Award: This award recognizes a well-curated travel program or tour portfolio that consistently delivers the ultimate “educational” experiences by matching educational mission to travel program design and delivery on every aspect of design and delivery. Nominate an institution or company whose travel offerings or itineraries reflect substantive lifelong learning through well curated itinerary development, authentic in-country experiences, strong faculty/guide involvement, and a keen focus on transformative learning and reflection.

Nominating is easy.  Please consider honoring a colleague today!

Nominations open: October 10, 2017
Nominations close: October 31, 2017  November 6, 2017

Nominations, Voting, and Winners Notification

Who is eligible to nominate?  Nominations may be received by any ETC member organization (Travel Planners, Destinations, Operators or Suppliers).  This is a wonderful opportunity to recognize your fellow colleagues and the achievements they are making in the educational travel industry.

Who is eligible to be nominated?  Any member ETC non-profit travel planner, tour operator, destination, or supplier as an organization, or a specific person within the organization or company can be nominated. The organization does not have to be present at the Signature Conference to be awarded the prize, but it is highly recommended.

Who will read the nominations?  The ETC Executive and Emeritus Councils will vote on all submissions.  The nominations with the most votes for each category will be the declared honoree.  All submissions must be received by October 30, 2017 November 6, 2017.

How will honorees be notified?  Both the winning organization, and those that nominated the organization, will be notified by January 12, 2018 and will be recognized at ETC’s Signature Conference 2018.  Honorees attending the Signature Conference are asked to accept the prize on-stage. Honorees not attending are asked to send a written or videotaped response to the award.