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J. Mara DelliPriscoli

J. Mara DelliPriscoli, ETC Founder and President of Travel Learning Connections, Inc., convened the first ETC conference in 1987. Her vision was to facilitate the growth of a vibrant community of like-minded colleagues to converge

annually—a travel think tank of sorts—to deal with current challenges and future opportunities in educational travel. Once technology had sufficiently advanced, she started to expand this community slowly online. Within this conference and online platform she has facilitated the growth of strategic business partnerships and business-to-business networking of those in the field of alumni, museum, conservation and affinity group travel. With over 38 years of experience in the tourism industry, Mara has worked directly within most sectors of the travel industry in her career, including marketing, sales, tour development and management, hotel operations, transportation, trade and government research and consulting firms. Mara lectures, writes and works with cultural, community and conservation tourism development projects in the US and abroad. She consults in the field of educational, community and special interest tourism development for a variety of US and international organizations. She continues to pursue professional photography and her passion for exploration, blue water sailing, language, ethnic music and dance. Mara holds an M. Ed in Tourism Development with a minor in marketing from the George Washington University, and a B.A. from Barnard College, Columbia University with a major in European history and a minor in three languages. Her freshman year was spent at the College Year in Athens, Greece. A native New Englander, having spent a great deal of her professional life in the Washington, D.C. area, then sailing thousands of nautical miles at sea for three years, Mara has been based in the beautiful Mission Valley, St. Ignatius, MT on the Flathead Reservation for 22-plus years. She still travels extensively globally. Read an article about Mara and the founding of the Educational Travel Community and Conference.

Carole Erickson

Carole Erickson, ETC Conference Director and Partner Liaison, has served the ETC Community since 2005.  She enjoyed a 40-year career as a healthcare administrator, professional market/development director, customer service consultant

and meeting planner. After retiring from full-time administration management in 2003, she now has her own consulting business providing internal organization assessments, customer service training and all aspects of conference development and management.  Appointed by three Montana Governors, Carole served on several medical licensing boards and was the recipient of a national award for outstanding service and leadership to the field of medical regulation from the Federation of State Medical Boards in 2017. Carole is a fifth-generation Montanan and enjoys traveling with her husband and spending time with family and friends.

Photo of Chris Campbell

​Chris Campbell, Leading IT Solutions, is a Software Engineer, Linux Enthusiast, and People Person. He is a jack of all trades balancing many hobbies and creative pursuits with a variety programming projects. He is

currently focused on custom LAMP stack applications and mobile development, but ​also has a strong foundation in Java and Python.  In his free time Chris is passionate about soccer and techno. He also tries to balance his serious screen time with gardening and cooking. Each year he helps coordinate a Burning Man Theme Camp and is very active in the burner community beyond the plays. Based in Los Angeles and working remotely, Chris travels as much as his bank account will allow.

Bob Chambers

Bob Chambers, Leading Online Strategy & Development, began his travel career during graduate school at the University of Michigan, when he worked in both the leisure and commercial departments of

Ann Arbor’s largest travel agency. Bob subsequently moved to Washington, DC, where he eventually managed the Ann Arbor company’s branch office there. He founded Devon Walker Travel Associates, an upscale leisure travel agency, in 1982 and ran this company with his wife Elspeth for ten years before becoming involved in non-profit educational travel as Director of the Study Tour Program for the National Trust for Historic Preservation in Washington, D.C. During his tenure there, he attended the ETC conference each year and served on ETC’s Executive Advisory Council in 1996-1997. A native of Michigan, he is a graduate of Williams College with a B.A. in music and a master’s degree in music theory from the University of Michigan. Bob has enthusiastically returned from retirement to help ETC with its comprehensive and informative website. In 2001 Bob and his family moved to Whitefish, Montana, where they continue to reside today.

Lisa Douma, Leading Member Service & Finances, has served as the ETC Community since 2003. If you have attended the ETC conference you have met and talked with Lisa as she handles all the registration

correspondence and payment questions pre/on site and post conference. At ETC 2013 the community paid tribute to Lisa’s ten-year run as the Registrar par excellence! She is also a mother of four who take up the rest of her time. Once in a while Lisa does find time for hiking in the beautiful Mission Mountains with trail-heads literally outside the back twenty of the TLC main offices. A native Montanan, Lisa lives in the beautiful Mission Valley Charlo, MT on the Flathead Reservation.

Abby Jansen Busdeker

Abby Jansen Busdeker, Leading Professional Programs & Education, joined ETC in 2013 as Program Planner. With extensive experience in the educational travel market, she was thrilled to return to the

educational travel community. Abby formerly managed the daily operations of the Northwestern University Alumni Travel Program for six years. During her tenure, she traveled to six continents and hosted more than 250 passengers. A highlight of her time at Northwestern was serving on the ETC advisory council. Prior to working at Northwestern University, Abby worked at CDW Incorporated as a sales account manager. She received an M.A. in liberal studies from Northwestern and a B.A. in history from Miami University. A native of Ohio, Abby currently resides in Cincinnati with her husband and three children.

Bethany Morris

Bethany Morris, Leading Member Engagement & Resources,  joined the team in 2014 with a broad professional background including association management, digital marketing, website content

management, membership support, and event planning. Bethany has nearly 20 years of experience which include the roles of Proposal Coordinator for a nation-wide environmental remediation company, Director of Member Services for an international non-profit organization, and Communication Consultant for a variety of clients.  Bethany volunteers extensively in her community and has served on the Boards of state and regional wildlife conservation organizations in the positions of Treasurer, Secretary, and Vice President. Currently, she volunteers her labor at a local farm, assists at the neighborhood elementary school, and organizes a civil discourse round table.  She enjoys cooking, traveling, reading, and anything that allows her to be outside in her beautiful home state.

Barb Rempp

Barbara Rempp, Leading Faculty Coordination & Administration, is responsible for coordinating information and logistics of current speakers, research and development of speakers for future conferences

, trip listings and facilitating the Jumpstart webinars.  Rempp previously worked as an executive assistant and office manager for a Houston based corporation that represents a high net worth individual.  She has worn many hats, including horse trainer and breeder, bookkeeper and office manager for a CPA, transcription clerk for the Montana State University. Rempp also worked as a veterinary technician for 14 years.  She has a background in ranching and horseback guided trips into the Bob Marshall Wilderness and continues to manage her own expansive organic gardens.  A native Montanan, Barb and her husband live in the beautiful Mission Valley in St. Ignatius, MT located on the Flathead Reservation.