ETC Risk Management Professional Development



Refresh your risk management plan!

 Why deal with this if your operators have a risk plan in place? But wait, have you read their risk plans, and know what your liability is? It is not a matter if, but when, something will happen that opens your travel program to vulnerability. A “be prepared” plan is crucial.

ETC’s Risk Management Professional Development Track would be worth thousands of dollars if delivered in the public sector. It is yours – within the cost of the registration.

Risk management and mitigation is one of the top priorities in our industry in order to provide a safe travel environment and experience for travelers and staff. ETC’s – Year Two – practical and timely Professional Risk Management Track addresses key elements contained in a comprehensive risk management system, and delivers essential takeaways.

The 2018 Risk Management Track was carefully designed to focus beyond, not duplicate, the timely topics covered in the in-depth Risk Management Professional Development Seminar Series launched at the Annual Conference 2016. Log in now and tune into these online recordings to prepare for ETC’s Signature Conference in February 2018.

2018 Risk Management Agenda (coming soon)

Read about Duty of Care

The U.S. Second Court of Appeals issued a ruling last year on the Hotchkiss case.

In a decision written by Circuit Judge John M. Walker Jr., a three-judge panel of the 2nd Circuit said it agrees that there was sufficient evidence for a jury to find Munn’s illness foreseeable.

The Hotchkiss case ruling in favor of the plaintiff issued from the US Second Court of Appeals may have a “chilling effect” on education trips IF the academic institutions are not meeting their duty of care responsibilities. Do you know about the realities of your institution’s duty of care? And how you must provide that care? And then how you can insulate yourself in the event of a bad occurrence in the eyes of the justice system? Be prepared…. ETC’s ongoing Professional Development Risk Management Program serves three pillars of delivering this critical information.