Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Information About ETC

Q: What is ETC?  The Educational Travel Consortium (ETC) is a global professional, membership community which facilitates knowledge exchange, professional development, data aggregation, cross-pollination of ideas, leadership evolution & program innovation in the field of affinity travel.

Q: Who needs ETC?

ETC’s stakeholders are:

  • Not-for-profit Travel Planners: Hold the role of in-house management of travel programs for their institution’s members and/or alumni/ae. Includes directors, executives, or team members from a university, museum, zoo, aquarium, or other non-profit institutions . Examples: Rice University, Art Institute of Chicago, San Diego Zoo.
  • Contract Travel Planners (outsourced): Industry professionals employed by companies that work on a contract basis for one or more institutions and organizations to manage/oversee their travel programs.
  • Travel Industry Professionals: If you don’t fall into one of the above categories, you are NOT considered a Travel Planner, you are part of DOS (Destinations, Operators, Suppliers).  Destinations includes all foreign and US regional and city government tourist offices; visitor associations; and other tourism promotion offices. Operators include both USA and foreign tour operators which operate educational affinity group tours. Suppliers provide primary travel or travel-related services to the educational travel market.

For more details, please see membership categories & rates.

Membership & Signing Up

Q: What are the benefits of membership? There are many benefits to being part of this global collaborative community! Here are a few:

  • Ability to attend ETC’s Annual Conference – a member only event
  • Access to online documents, videos, and other resources focused on educational travel
  • Networking opportunities specific to the educational travel industry
  • Access to experts, speakers, and colleagues that you can’t find anywhere else, all in one place.
  • See more details!

Q: What does membership cost? ETC has multiple stakeholders within the educational travel supply chain.  Please review the membership categories carefully before you join. Joining ETC is easy and affordable!

  • $175/year for Affinity & Alumni Travel Planners
  • $475/for Travel Industry Professionals (Destinations, Operators & Suppliers)

Q:  How Do I Sign Up?  It’s easy!  Follow these steps:

  • Click on Join to create a new account.
  • Login using your new username and password.
  • Complete the member questions and submit.
  • Choose your payment method.
  • You will receive notice when your membership has been approved.

Q: Can my organization be a member of ETC?  No.  ETC is a community and membership is extended to individuals, not organizations. If more than one individual from the same organization/company wants to join, each individual must complete their own membership form.

ETC's Annual Conference

Q: When is ETC’s Annual Conference?  ETC’s Conference is held annually, typically in late January or early to mid-February. ETC tries to announce the conference destination by March of each year.  Check back for updates or follow us on Facebook & Instagram & TwitterLinked In!

Q: How is the destination selected?  ETC aims to “walk the sustainable tourism walk” by researching cities and communities that are impacted and benefited by the ETC Conference.  Our Executive Advisory Council (EAC), consisting of representative travel planners and destinations, tour operators, and suppliers support the destinations where we can showcase experiential and sustainable community learning experiences at a high value for our membership.  Destinations are typically steeped with some compelling combination of history, music, culture, heritage, community arts, and nature.

Q: How many people attend?  To preserve an intimate networking environment, conference size is kept to 325-350 delegates. A wait list is established for demand exceeding space.

Q: Is membership required?  Yes, membership is required to attend ETC’s Annual Conference – a member-only event.  Join or renew your membership now!