Educational Travel Consortium FAQs

General Information About ETC

Q: What is ETC?  A: The Educational Travel Consortium (ETC) is a professional membership organization dedicated to supporting the sustainability of the educational travel marketplace.

Q: Who needs ETC? A: ETC’s stakeholders are:

  • Not-for-profit (in-house) Travel Planners: Directors, executives, or team members from a university, museum, zoo, aquarium, or other non-profit institutions. Examples: Rice University, Art Institute of Chicago, San Diego Zoo.
  • Contract Travel Planners (out-sourced): Industry professionals, outside the institution, hired to manage travel programs for one or more organization.
    *  If you don’t fall into one of these two categories you are NOT considered a Travel Planner, you are part of DOS (Destinations, Operators, Suppliers) please see membership categories & rates.  
  • Travel Industry Professionals like Destination representatives and DMCs, U.S and Foreign Tour Operators, and Travel Suppliers.

Membership & Signing Up

Q: What are the benefits of membership? A: There are many benefits to being part of this global collaborative community! Here are a few:

  • Ability to attend ETC’s Signature Conference – a member only event
  • Access to online documents, videos, and other resources focused on educational travel
  • Networking opportunities specific to the educational travel industry
  • Access to experts, speakers, and colleagues that you can’t find anywhere else, all in one place.
  • See more benefits!

Q: What does membership cost? A: ETC has multiple stakeholders within the educational travel supply chain.  Please review the membership categories carefully before you join. Joining ETC is easy and affordable!

  • $175/year for Affinity & Alumni Travel Planners
  • $475/for for Travel Industry Professionals (Destinations, Operators & Suppliers)

Q:  How Do I Sign Up? A: It’s easy!  Follow these steps:

  • Click on Join to create a new account.
  • Login using your new username and password.
  • Complete the member questions and submit.
  • Choose your payment method.
  • You will receive notice when your membership has been approved.

Q: Can my organization be a member of ETC? A: No.  ETC is a community and membership is extended to individuals, not organizations. If more than one individual from the same organization/company wants to join, each individual must complete their own membership form.

ETC's Signature Conference

Q: When is ETC Signature Conference? A: ETC’s Signature Conference is held annually, typically in January or February. ETC tries to announce the conference destination by March of each year.  Check back for updates or follow us on Facebook & Instagram!

Q: How many people attend? A: To preserve an intimate networking environment, conference size is kept to 450-475 delegates. A wait list is established for demand exceeding space.

Q: Is membership required? A: Yes, membership is required to attend ETC’s Signature Conference – a member-only event.  Join or renew your membership now!

Register for ETC's Signature Conference

Q: How do I register? A:  ETC’s Annual Conference remains a member-only event. To register for ETC’s Signature Conference, first make sure your membership is current.  If you are not a member, join or renew now! Next, visit the Signature Conference home page for all the information you need to attend!

Q: How do I pay? A: You can pay for both membership renewal and conference registration on one invoice. ETC accepts payment by check and credit card (fee applies).

Q: How many people from my organization can attend? A: For Travel Planners there is no restriction to the number of attendees who can attend per organization. Consider taking your entire staff and take advantage of escalating registration discounts for additional registrants from the same organization.

There is a two-person registration limit per tour operator, supplier, and destination company/organization registration. And both individuals must work for the same company/organization.  This registration policy ensures a well-balanced ratio of 1 to 2 travel planners to tour operators, suppliers and destinations and delivers one of the most productive networking platforms in the travel industry.

In recognition of their conference-wide sponsorship and underwriting of conference meals, events, sessions and collateral materials benefiting all delegates, official ETC sponsoring partners are extended the exclusive benefit option of registering additional delegates based on their sponsorship level. Learn more about becoming an official sponsor at ETC’s Signature Conference.

Maintaining a positive balance of Travel Planner registrations to Tour Operators, Suppliers and Destinations registrations is key to productive networking. For 30 years the Conference Organizer has preserved the integrity of this constituent mix by setting and adhering to caps on Tour Operator, Supplier, and Destination registrations in direct proportion to the numbers of planners registered.

International Bazaar at the Signature Conference

Q: What is the International Bazaar? A: The International Bazaar is the space within the conference venue where delegates have the opportunity to review, connect, and compare educational travel offerings with a diverse selection of special interest, educational and affinity based purveyors of travel.  

 *ETC’s Signature Conference is NOT a tradeshow.  The International Bazaar is a platform for educating delegates about destinations, program development, and sharing of a cross pollination of ideas.

Q: Where is Partner’s Boulevard? A: Partners’ Boulevard is the most centrally located and heavily trafficked display space in the International Bazaar reserved for official ETC Conference Sponsors displays. The size of exhibit space assigned on Partners’ Boulevard is awarded to Sponsors according to the level of their sponsorship investment. All sponsors have the option of displaying colorful popups and promotional items showcasing their product/destination offerings.

Q: How can my organization sponsor a venue at the Signature Conference? A: Find sponsorship opportunities or email

CONNECTS Meetings at the Signature Conference

Q: What is CONNECTS? A: The great part of learning and networking at ETC’s Signature Conference is the opportunity to meet new people – both planners and suppliers – outside of your immediate network. And for one-on-one meetings, CONNECTS can’t be beat!  CONNECTS is a fun way to facilitate new connections and have focused discussions with established partners.  Reach out – a conversation always brings new ideas and knowledge.

*ETC’s Signature Conference is NOT a tradeshow.  CONNECTS meetings are NOT required, although encouraged as these are established times for educating delegates about destinations, program development, and sharing of a cross pollination of ideas.

Signature Conference Agenda

Q: Where can I find the schedule of events? A: The Signature Conference Agenda is updated frequently throughout the year.  Check back for updates!