ETC's Mentor Program

Participating in a mentor program is an honor and privilege that carries responsibilities for the mentor and mentee. While everyone has their own approach to mentoring, there are some important things to keep in mind before committing to ETC’s Mentor Program.

Mentor/Mentee Matching Process:

Individuals can request a mentor, or offer to serve as a mentor, by selecting these options on their conference registration form.  In November ETC will compile a list of all mentors and mentees. The actual mentor/mentee matching process will be announced in early December to all mentors and mentees. This timeline will allow all to get acquainted and prepare well ahead of the Conference. Mentors will be asked to typically mentor up to three mentees from a similar conference constituency group.

Goals for ETC’s Mentor Program:

  1. Build and maintain a strong, educated, and supportive community
  2. Educate and prepare newcomers for the annual conference and educational marketplace
  3. Foster new relationships
  4. Invest in sparking new ideas and addressing challenges within the educational travel sector

Styles of Mentoring within the program:

  1. One-to-one mentorship (before, during and after conference)
  2. Group-to one mentorship (on site at conference)

Tips for mentoring:

  1. Set clear expectations
  2. Set standards for the mentor, then adhere to them yourself
  3. Listen
  4. Encourage
  5. Challenge
  6. Be flexible

Suggested Format for mentoring:

  1. Preparation – identify expectations & set boundaries
  2. Plan – mentor and mentee create a plan and lists of tasks to achieve identified goal(s)
  3. Enabling – mentor supports mentee & provides feedback
  4. Closure – reflection & assessment in order to raise the bar for future efforts

Why Mentoring isn’t a waste of time

  1. Accountability
  2. Encourages communication
  3. Expand your network
  4. Places you at an advantage for learning about the industry and community faster

By participating in ETC’s Mentor Program, you are investing in yourself, the strength and growth of the community, and fueling the spirit of the community. We are confident that both mentor and mentee will benefit from participating in the Mentor Program, and ETC is here to help support your efforts.

Thank you,

ETC Team