Professional Development


The objective of this Seminar is twofold:

  • Help travel planners begin a travel program and/or resurrect a dormant program.
  • Guide new travel planners joining an established travel program.

Led by seasoned Travel Planner colleagues, this seminar offers essential takeaways and highly targeted and relevant information to set the stage for success…as well as a solid introduction to the online Jumpstart resources.

Plus – Travel Planner Exclusives offer the Jumpstart Manual and the Jumpstart Webinar Tutorials – a virtual treasure trove of webinars and documents generously shared by fellow travel planners. The Jumpstart Manual is a great resource for newcomers and for veteran travel planners that may want to update their program’s materials.

Documents are continually being updated and many new versions will be available soon!


These grassroots meetings provided fun and stimulating networking opportunities and professional development. Our aim is to create a relaxed but engaging atmosphere, where ideas flow freely and important planning work is accomplished.

Washington DC Roundtable 2017, Breakout
Proud Grandparents in Mongolia


Educationals are two-way professional exchanges, whereby experienced nonprofit travel planners are officially invited by in-country Tourism Ministries to experience and evaluate the host destination. Planners provide specific feedback on tourism development options as well as innovative product ideas to appeal to the Educational Travel Community.

Differing from commercial industry FAM trips, the purpose of Educationals is to stimulate discussion of a host destination’s cultural and natural resources, affinity travel programming potential, and people-to-people exchanges.  Educational participants share candid feedback and impressions on all aspects of a country/region, from the level of guiding and interpretation to the standards of cultural and educational venues, as well as the quality of cuisine, hotels, and transportation.

Recommendations and conclusions are compiled into a report and submitted to the host destination. The reports are also made available to all ETC members and archived on the ETC site. These reports detail the travel planners’ experiences and visually document their touring itinerary in each country.

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