Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Hosted by: Sierra Club

Oakland, CA

Friday, April 20, 2018

Hosted by: Smithsonian Institution

Washington, DC

These “grassroots” meetings provide fun and stimulating networking opportunities to generate themes and ideas for ETC’s Signature Conference. We strive to create a relaxed but engaging atmosphere, where ideas flow freely and greater clarity can be obtained as to how the next ETC conference can best serve members of the Educational Travel Consortium. We want you to be a part of ETC’s continual growth and refinement, so please check back soon for information regarding the 2018 Community Roundtable venues and dates.

“Meeting with industry peers and discussing trends and issues is highly informative and stimulating.”
Rita Rowand, Programs Manager, Study Tours, George Mason University


“It was great to reconnect and learn from all my colleagues.  So much was covered and good information shared. Just what I had always learned to expect from any ETC meeting!”
Jean Newman Glock, Owner/President, JNG Worldwide


“Great opportunity to network and share thoughts and suggestions in an environment where you know they will be heard.” Brittany Everett, Go Ahead Tours