As an official airline partner for ETC’s Signature Conference 2018, Delta Air Lines is offering special discounted* airfares.

If booking your flights by phone, please use the Delta ETC Meeting Code NMQ3Q

Fair Comparisons & Samples

Airline Roundtrip Schedules & Fares: View this comparison of great fares on three carriers—JetBlue, American, Delta. There are even more carriers serving this destination.

CHI Sample: A look at base price + taxes and fees for Delta flights out of Chicago

NYC Sample: A look at base price + taxes and fees for Delta flights out of New York City

Air Through Other Carriers

Exito Travel, an ETC member, has experience in handling the flight needs of affinity travelers. Exito can assist you in arranging flights to Bermuda from airline partners other than Delta (see Delta’s link above). Exito agents will offer helpful guidance in navigating the airfare booking process and provide you the best option for your specific travel needs.

Passports, Immigration, and Customs

For most, getting into Bermuda is easy! Get the requirements here. Please follow shipping instructions carefully to avoid being held up in Customs unnecessarily.

*Note for Delta Airfares


When booking with meeting code, any available discount is automatically factored in

Discounts apply to round trip travel only

Not valid with other discounts, certificates, coupons, or promotional offers

Fare rules will determine eligibility

The Delta Meeting Network code can be used up to event date.

Special option for Travel Planners traveling on Delta

The majority of Delta fares range (as of August 2017) from $371 to $626 depending on the city of origin.  For travel planners only who are booking Delta from those few cities where Delta fares exceed $700 r/t, Delta has offered to distribute a limited number of additional discount coupons.  Given that only a limited number of these coupons are available on a first come, first served basis, and the possibility that other carriers may offer cheaper fares than Delta from the same cities, the Delta discount coupons are available only to planners that have no other option on any carrier for a fare that exceeds $700.  For those qualified, email us with your proposed specific Delta flight schedule and published fare.

Bonus for all individuals flying on Delta Airlines!

Delta personnel will staff a Delta check-in desk at the hotel on the last day of the conference.  Starting early in the morning, Thursday,  February 8th a Delta team member will be printing boarding passes, and putting bag tags on checked luggage.  This means when Delta passengers get to the airport they will only need to walk around to the Delta check in desk and on directly to customs!  This pre-checking will help alleviate any  anxious concern about check-in and getting to the airport too early.