$475 for Travel Industry (Destinations, Operators & Suppliers)
$175 for Affinity & Alumni Travel Planners

Networking & Searches

Stay connected!
  • Meet like-minded individuals & organizations
    at the annual conference & roundtables
  • Search for members, locate organizations,
    and find custom information
    (such as which operators specialize in which destinations)

Planner Exclusives

Carefully curated content for planners
  • Jumpstart Tutorials
    ($130 value)
  • News & notes
  • Access to forums
    (coming soon!)

Travel Intelligence

Alerts, destination reports, quarterly news
  • Travel Intelligence Alerts
  • Destination Reports
  • Travel Intelligence News
  • Via ETC’s online partnership
    with Global Rescue

Valuable Library

Exclusively produced for this niche market
  • Field reports
  • Speaker publications
  • Research reports
  • Annual State of the Industry report
  • Quarterly Travel Intelligence reports

Professional Development

Grow within the Community
  • Global Gathering ~ The Annual Conference
  • Webinars
  • Risk Management
  • Jumpstart

Conference Take-Aways

Year-round access
  • Conference Resource Directory
  • Audio recordings of conference sessions
  • Videos of keynote presentations
  • Presentation handouts
  • Conference photos