Executive Advisory Council Members Traveled to Mexico City in 2011

“I was incredibly impressed with Mexico City. I have traveled the world, and yet I had never been to Mexico, our neighbor to the south. This was an eye-opening experience.”—Stacy Fiorentinos, President, Classic Escapes

“Not having been to Mexico City before, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and found myself very pleasantly surprised and impressed by everything. The diverse architecture, the incredible museums, and the variety of restaurants—it was all very exciting!”—Pauline Ranieri, Director, UW Alumni Tours, University of Washington Alumni Association

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  1. Mexico is the 14th largest country in the world by total area 756,066 square miles
  2. Only ten countries in the world have a larger population than Mexico’s 109,955,400 people.
  3. México is among the top 10 in the world on cultural diversity, boasting 68 original languages with 364 variations
  4. Spanish is the national language of México and Mexico is the most populated Spanish-speaking country in the world.
  5. The Aztec descendants speak Nahuatl. Many of its words, particularly for types of food, passed into English…such as tomatoes (tomatl), chocolate (chocolatl), and avocados (ahuacatl)
  6. About 60% of the modern Mexican population is mestizo (Indian-Spanish), 30% is Indian or predominantly Indian, 9% is Caucasian, and 1% is other.
  7. The border between Mexico and the United States is the second largest border in the world (only the U.S.-Canadian border is longer).
  8. In 2010 The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) just added  traditional Mexican cuisine to the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. Things, they said, that are cultural treasures worth preserving.  Day of the Dead, Charreria and  Mariachis are also part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage List.


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