Click here for six beautiful documents that illustrate Peru’s commitment to responsible and sustainable tourism.

As part of the Educational Travel Community’s commitment to advancing responsible tourism, ETC hosts an annual Responsible Tourism Showcase to recognize the efforts of ETC members and their partners working diligently in the field to develop and implement responsible tourism initiatives.

In recent years, Peru has made a strong showing in the commitment of its tourism and hospitality industry to responsible tourism. Below, Damon Corker, Director of Andean Discovery, accepts a Responsible Tourism award check from ETC Founder Mara DelliPriscoli at ETC 2015 in Boston.


All Ways Travel, located in Puno, Peru, on the western shore of Lake Titicaca, received a third place Responsible Tourism Showcase check at ETC 2014 for its decade-long funding of the Literacy Project (award photo unavailable). This outreach program works to change the lives of disadvantaged children at Lake Titicaca and its surroundings through reading, theater and other educational activities.

At ETC 2013 in Orlando, Florida, ETC Founder Mara DelliPriscoli awarded a second place Responsible Tourism Showcase check to Inkaterra of Lima, Peru, represented in this photo by José Koechlin, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Inkaterra.


At this same conference, Mara awarded a third place Responsible Tourism Showcase check to Condor Travel of Lima, Peru, represented here by Jimena Barrera, Manager of the USA-Canada division of Condor.