The Educational Travel Consortium opens to members the opportunity to sponsor one of the events at the Global Gathering. Sponsoring a partner venue at this annual conference is a powerful way to ensure that your company stands out in the delegation of ETC attendees leading this niche market.

An additional benefit includes upgraded location and larger display space in the International Bazaar—the most heavily trafficked area assigned exclusively to sponsoring partners. Square footage of display space varies with investment level and venue choice.

Sponsoring Partner Requests

ETC reviews and confirms requests for partnership opportunities on a first come, first served basis. Many partner venues are renewed annually by longstanding partners. In addition to a prime listing of valued partner venues, ETC also customizes sponsorship requests to align with partner brands and visibility objectives.

If you are interested in joining the ETC 2018 partner team,
please contact Carole Erickson, ETC Global Gathering Director and Partner Liaison  406-745-4800

Community Dinner 7-1

Community Dinner  

Make an exclusive impression on the entire Global Gathering delegation with an opportunity to spotlight your organization for an evening that will be long remembered. The Community Dinner is heavily attended by delegates and valued as one of the best venues for networking. Traditionally held off site, this venue offers an experience at an outstanding local venue with superb food, drinks, and entertainment. 7 Star Level

Destination Event  7 Star Level

Showcase your company’s name in lights and significantly heighten your branding recognition and visibility for your organization  with an exclusive focus on your destination! Heavily attended by delegates and valued as one of the best venues for networking, this venue features the cuisine of host destination and is held on site. 7 Star Level


Global Gathering Resource Directory 6 Stars

Dominate the Gathering’s prime print advertising platform by supporting the highly coveted and most sought after resource guide for the ETC Community—the CRD. The guide lists the contact information and profile background on all delegates—a broad reaching medium viewed by 100% of the conference delegation, as well as virtual delegates. This promotional medium provides valuable print exposure during the Gathering and long after, as delegates refer to this year-round resource guide. 6 Star Level

Risk Management Intensive  6 Stars

Secure sustained exposure for your brand both at the Educational Travel Consortium’s Global Gathering and online on our website throughout the calendar year by hosting the all new intensive ETC program on Risk Management Intensive. This program will set an industry standard and deliver a prestigious educational sponsorship opportunity with branding for your organization onsite, online and in print.

Audio and Visuals 6 Stars

Showcase your company’s name in lights and significantly heighten your branding recognition and visibility for your organization every day of the Global Gathering! This bold and sustained visual promotional medium reaches 100% of delegates over the course of the full Gathering.


Cappuccino Bar  1 Star1 Star1 Star1 Star1 Star

Benefit from exclusive branding at the Cappuccino Bar as delegates line up for their java, with all eyes on this sponsor’s corporate branding. This venue is a signature feature at the Global Gathering each year and provides sustained visibility for the Sponsoring Partner(s).

2017 Biz

BiZ Passport & Mini-Agenda  1 Star1 Star1 Star

Designed as a key navigational tool for all ETC delegates, this promotional medium provides maximum print exposure throughout the Global Gathering. The BiZ Passport and Mini-Agenda is a double-sided booklet featuring the company location for all International Bazaar exhibitors and an abbreviated conference agenda for quick reference. Every page is a must-read! Delegates walk around with the BiZ Passport easily accessible in their Global Gathering badge holder.

Plenary Speakers (choice of 5)  1 Star1 Star

Receive prominent partner recognition at the most heavily attended sessions of the Global Gathering, and enjoy exclusive access to the conference assembly at one of the daily plenary sessions. Link your corporate image to one of the featured speakers selected by the Gathering Organizer and directly support the advancement of professional education within the ETC Community. Have your sponsorship commitment showcased visually to the entire conference delegation before, during, and after the Global Gathering.

Jumpstart Manual & Jumpstart Online Tutorials  1 Star1 Star

Benefit from targeted marketing exposure to Travel Planner delegates by partnering on the Jumpstart Tutorials, a series of pre-conference “how to” seminars for Travel Planners needing a primer or refresher on the basics of educational travel. Showcase your organization’s support of professional development and training in the industry by helping underwrite the delivery costs for this important online and offline educational course and for the Jumpstart Manual—an important resource for Travel Planners long after their Jumpstart training.

Global Gathering Badges & Lanyards  1 Star1 Star

With this sponsorship, you are guaranteed exposure from the badges and lanyards distributed to every conference attendee. Keep your brand close to people’s hearts with our multi-use name tags that will be worn throughout the conference.


Global Gathering Tote Bags  1 Star1 Star

With this sponsorship, you are guaranteed exposure from the Tote Bags distributed to every conference attendee. Keep your brand in constant view on the shoulders of delegates with your name and visuals up close throughout the conference.

Global Gather Hotel Card Sponsor

Global Gathering Hotel Key Card  1 Star

Deliver excellent exposure for your company with customized branding and messaging on the official hotel’s key cards. Positioning your company’s image in front of conference delegates will be a “key” to success. 

CONNECTS Meetings  1 Star1 Star

Videographer  1 Star1 Star