The Travel Planner Distinction Awards are an opportunity for community members to highlight their colleagues’ achievements. Honorees are recognized at ETC’s Global Gathering.

  1. Innovation in Marketing
    Lea Ann Quirk, The University of Oklahoma Alumni Association
    A program that excels or has created and delivered an innovative marketing campaign through email, web, social and/or print marketing techniques. 

  2. Thriving Beyond Expectations
    Dan Stypa, Rice University
    A travel program that thrives despite limited resources. Many planners are faced with restricted financial and staffing resources.

  3. Embracing the Educational Mission
    Brett Thompson, Director, Stanford Travel/Study Program, Stanford University
    Educational travel is our community’s shared mission.  This category honors a travel program that provides the “ultimate” in educational experiences that serves both the institution and the travelers.

“Lea Ann understands the impact that a comprehensive and integrated marketing campaign can have on building traveler loyalty and brand awareness.”

Dan Stypa, Associate Director of Alumni Programs, Rice University

“We have worked with this travel program for almost thirty years.  It didn’t really “take off” until Dan Stypa assumed the program several years ago.”

Rick Franz, President Emeritus, Thomas P. Gohagan & Company

“…Stanford goes above and beyond on every tour to give the most enriching experience…the best local guides, specialists, lecturers, behind the scenes lecturers, participating to local events to create a better understanding and a more comprehensive experience.”

Yasar Karadag, President/Owner, New Faces Travel