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ETC’s All-Talk Listserv is an especially valuable tool for travel directors and educational travel planners managing travel programs within nonprofit institutions/organizations. Access to this ALL-Talk listserv is provided only to bona fide travel planners at this time. There is no cost to participate, only benefits! Once you are subscribed to the listserv, you will be able to post a message to the Listserv.

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Why Participate?

All-Talk Listserv will enable you to share information and discuss travel-related issues with your colleagues in the United States and abroad. This listserv is devoted exclusively to topics and issues of interest respectively to alumni travel planners, art museums and cultural organizations that manage trips for their members, and natural history museum, aquariums, conservation organizations and zoos that maintain travel programs. Likely discussion topics will include:

1.     Suggested travel vendors
2.     Travel program analytics
3.     Successful destinations
4.     Within destinations, recommended venues, special events, restaurants, hotels, transportation, guides, etc.
5.     Highlights and lowlights of trips and itineraries
6.     Tour operators who effectively met their requirements
7.     Possible co-sponsoring of trips
8.     Traveler-related “issues” and how to resolve them
9.     Marketing ideas – how to expand your base of travelers
10.   Exchanging documents such as “host manuals,” policies for lecturers, etc.
11.   Sharing newsletter ideas and destination descriptions
12.   Any other travel-related topic you wish to introduce

We are not in competition and can therefore help each other improve our existing programs. This specially focused listserv will enable us to look to our colleagues for their suggestions so that we don’t reinvent the wheel—as well as benefit from a cross-fertilization of ideas across the lines of all Educational Travel Programs.

What Is A Listserv?

A LISTSERV is an online e-mail list service that will distribute an e-mail from you to all members of the Listserv. Any member of the Listserv will have the ability to respond to your message, and you will be able to respond to any message posted. All members will have access to all messages. Members can post to the list, change their e-mail address, or remove their address from the list at any time.

Your Privacy is Assured

Your name and email address will not be used for any purpose other than your use of the listserv to which you have subscribed and ETC news dispatches concerning conference and community news.